Friday, May 10, 2013

Photographing for blog

I would really like to have a good manual camera for taking blog pics and someday buy the Shoot Fly Shoot instructional videos. 

I like taking pics and I have a decent camera. It is a CanonSX40 with a manual setting.  But I dare say I don't know how yet to take pics with the manual setting.  I just tried and they all came out black!!!

So here are a few pics of my last project that I took with different settings. 

Do you like any better than the other?  Any suggestions? 

I find when i try to get a close up shot I lose out on the corners of the piece of furniture!  I will keep working at it though. 


  1. Photography skills or not, you have mad painting skills!

    Really beautiful dresser.

    1. That means a lot Teri. Thank you so much! Elaine

  2. I love it. What a great piece and you did an amazing job painting it. I host a weekly party called Inspire Me Tuesday that will be live tomorrow evening. I would love for you to link up. Hugs, Marty

  3. Thanks Marty. I will be sure to "link up" soon! will also check out your blog.

  4. The dresser is stunning! What do you have the manual settings on? I got the shoot fly shoot classes. The more natural light you have the lower your ISO number should be. On my camera there is a way to make sure the light is balanced and if it is too dark then the pictures will come out darker.

  5. i don't even keep it on the manual setting yet Danielle. have to download instructions that came with camera and have not done that yet. i will though! thanks for the nice comment. i am happy with the way it came out. i am doing fewer pieces but have learned a fair amount!

  6. I have the same struggle. I have a decent camera, but I hardly every can get those "wow" shots. It would probably be worth my while to invest in a class.

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