Sunday, October 27, 2013

a little re-do required!

This is the green bureau done over.  It is in versaille green.  I got rid of the dark wax and the twine pulls. just was not feelin it!  the wax made the piece look messy and the handles were creative but were just too small and not "strong" enough for the piece.  I did the hardware and the trim in "old ochre"

 This is the original hardware which was brass.  it has a clean and simple look now.  I have never used the "old ochre" before but it is a pretty color. 

This is the way it did look.  I like the clean version so much better!  


  1. Elaine, you can remove the dark wax with mineral spirits if clear wax doesn't take it off. Wasn't sure if you knew it. I love Old Ochre. Such a pretty color. x

  2. Thanks Danielle. I really wanted to change the whole look! e