Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun Sunday!

my sister and her grandbaby!
Zahira looking for any ball to play with!

Becca and Zahira

No Painting done today...just playing with my nieces! so much fun! Beautiful weather and relaxing day.  That furniture will just have to wait!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to school, check!

Youngest back to school, lots of traffic on the pike and took twice as long to get there but we had a great day with the two boys and the girlfriends and a quiet ride home...!

in progress...still needs more distressing and wax-clear and maybe some dark too!

Here are some pics of the table, in progress! as i said, going in a grayish blue room. will see how it looks. Give me your vote!!! off white or blue and white distressed-thanks!

milk paint

I am dying to try my first little "bag" of milk paint.  i could not wait any longer for "miss mustard seed's paint line to come out so i purchased one from a local store. it is the homestead line that is actually featuring the "miss mustard seed's line of milk paint.  Her's should be out very soon. i think her marketing endeavor snowballed in a good way.  she is having more business than she even dreamed. i think it is a nice problem to have but as she put in her recent blog, for the sake of her family and her health, she is learning to say no!  not an easy task. we women should all take a lesson...!

so, i am working on my sofa table still. busy, busy summer and i have only worked on it here and there.  i painted it in old white, really liked it,  as it showcased all the pretty lines.  my initial plan for it was to mix 50/50 old white and Abusson blue (ASCP) and paint over the old white and then distress it heavily to see a lot of the old white come through. i did a colorwash of the blue on the top.  it looks like watercolor and you can see a lot of the old white through it.  i like it but not sure yet if it is a keeper that way!  sometimes i stop working on a piece and go back to it later with a "fresh eye" to see what needs to be done. 

taking my youngest back to college today so it needs to have a little time alone!! not sure if i like her better white anyway! will have to move to newly painted basement where she is going as a tv/storage table with baskets underneath to see if it's better blue or white in the room. the room is dark and walls are now a gray-ish blue so the walls may talk and tell me! i am all about the pieces telling ME what they need!  will post pics of the blue table later. you can tell me what you think is best! 

Have a good weekend all!



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

second phase sofa table....

I am having fun working on this sofa table. It came to me quite sad but i really like the french lines and the pretty detail and i plan to pick up on them when i paint and distress it.  i have applied a partial coat of ASCP "old white" and ran out of time...for now.  while i was at it I had an old floor lamp my son had at college he got at a yard sale that was very trashy looking but decided to paint it and use it in my basement. While i had the "old white" out i gave it a coat but as i looked at it i think it needs a darker color.  maybe "graphite" which is an ASCP blackish grey.  really nice color.  

The thing about painting furniture or anything else is that i think each piece really tells you what to do with it.  i know that sounds funny but each piece has it's own little personality and it needs it's own little style.  so if you try to design it in a way that doesn't fit with the piece, sometimes you end up having to tweak it.  What i have learned with the Annie Sloan paint though is that most everything so far can be fixed.  

My personality is to jump right in and then figure it out! so most things i learn are by trial and error.  I have become good buddies with Nancy at Sea Rose cottage and Danielle at Finding Silver Pennies!  

Look at those sexy french legs!!

...sad little photos!

I have finally ordered a new camera with more than 3 mega-pixels.  my younger relatives, this time my dear niece Katie, pointed out that I have had this camera probably 8 years and that the pics make my blog really look like a "mom blog"!  That is definitely not the look I am after!

The new camera is on it's way.  It is a Canon powershot Elph 300HS 12.1 Digital Camera.  I sure hope it is what I am looking for! 

I love taking pics but decided against a DSLR as I am not necessarily into learning more about photography right now. I feel like I have more to do than I have time for now many days so a point and shoot is probably right up my alley.  

So, hope you can bear with me. Hopefully 2 more pics with my old camera.  sorry Katie!!! Next pics....on to Glory!!! 

Just bought this 54 inch long sofa table on craigslist for $30.  It is in desperate need of a make-over! I am in the process of cleaning it with some mineral spirits and denatured alcohol and sanding off some polyurethane someone had put on the legs.  Usually with Annie Sloan Chalk paint I don't do any sanding, that is why i love the paint.  However, the legs looked really shiny and i just wanted to make sure the paint adhered so i did some sanding.  

I plan to do a coat of ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) in Old White as the bottom coat and then a 50/50 mix of Aubusson blue and Old white on the top coat. I will then sand back so some of the white of the first coat shows through .  the top coat will be a light blue.  i will definitely show pics when it is done.  Good pics!! 

Have a good weekend all!  We are off to the Cape for Saturday.  My nephew is getting married on the beach at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.  I will post some pics.  Excited for a fun family get together.  That does not happen often enough. 


Monday, August 6, 2012

Dining Room Buffet-almost there...!

I have been working on my dining room buffet on and off for probably several weeks. One thing came up after another and finally it is almost done!  My dear husband put the new pewter hardware on for me this weekend and took out the drawers so i can finish dark waxing the little wooden pieces between drawers and cabinets.  Then I will just enjoy it!

It came out well i think. It is a mixture of "Annie Sloan" "Aubusson Blue" and "Old White".  i really love the old white and i do like the "Aubusson Blue" as well. I have not yet tried the the ever so popular "Duck Egg Blue" as i felt so many people use it but now I want to try it.  It really is a beautiful soft blue and very versatile I think.  I do like trying new and different things but sometimes the tried and true can be cool too!!!

I have several more projects to work on.  Two are for me and one to sell.  I only have one little cabinet on my Etsy shop, "Paint by hand" so i think i need to get busy...too bad life gets in the way of painting sometimes!