Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My love of furniture!

It has been so long since I did a blog post I cannot even remember how it is done!! Ha!  Let's just say life has been busy.  My creative side however is frustrated!  The cool furniture I used to find at thrift shops is now snatched up by ALL the other folks who paint furniture.  It really has become a craze!  

 I used to find some great buys on furniture that was slightly distressed-meaning in need of some repair!  Not distressed as in a distressed finish that is also popular!!  So, I have been doing other things that are creative but I miss my furniture!  

The attached pics are pictures of my father's shed in Florida.  I think I got my love of furniture from him and I swear I was born wanting to "fix things up"!  My dad used to refinish furniture.   I think that is next on my list of things to learn.   Not many folks do it anymore and there is some money to be made there I suppose!
 As you can see he has collected some really cool pieces but they now sit idle as he is elderly and not doing any work on furniture anymore.   If I lived closer, I would surely grab some of these pieces for my house!
 If anyone has tips on where to find good stuff cheap (!) let me know!  I am always game to be creative!
Happy New Year everyone!