Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!
I just read a post by fellow blogger Lara Blair at

Have you heard of  One word Resolution?  I think it is great!! Instead of saying something like " I will go to the gym every day in 2013" or " I will lose those last 10 pounds in 2013", it provides one word you want to use to provide yourself with insight into how you want to proceed into the new year. 

You are choosing a one word "theme" for the new year according to blogger Gretchen Rubin of the Huffington Post. 

I did not have to think too hard about what I wanted my "word" to be as it is a theme I have been thinking about and trying to figure out for the latter part of 2012.  It is "Purpose" with a capital P

Let me back-track a little here....!

I was an english and Journalism major in college.  never specifically went into the field as i figured i would not make any money and as a young single gal that was important! i wanted to travel and have a fun single life.  and i did! 

I was VERY fortunate to stay at home and raise my two sons who are now 20 and 22.  One just graduated from college and the other is a junior in college.  I feel blessed with my life and my family. 

I put off blogging because I thought, everyone has a blog! Well, truly there are lots of them but the good ones have a real niche and some loyal followers. 

I finally decided to start blogging because I love to write, I love photography and I love to take things that don't look so good and make them look so much better!  I have always enjoyed all these things so I guess this is my niche....or at least a start!  So here is part of the challenge for me.  What is my real purpose in writing my blog.  That is what I am still trying to figure out.  Does it need to be instructional?  Lots of the good blogs I enjoy are instructional.  Does it need to be entertaining? I hope mine is!  How do I gain more followers? What are people looking for? Or,  is that what it is about?  What am I looking for? What is my purpose?

I guess that is what it boils down to.  Having raised my children and now working two part time jobs, which aren't always as busy as I would like them to be, I need to determine where i want to go, what I want to be at this stage.  Is where I am at where I want to be? Those questions have been a challenge for me for some time.  I think some of it is the Yankee in me! I  always think I should be doing MORE! 

So, let me ponder this in the new year and see if i can come up with an answer, for myself. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

doing a little online shopping!

I saw this little fella and the pillow below on Pinterest this morning. They are from Joss and Main.  I love creative bird decor....hmmm, don't know if i have a spot or not!!

aren't they sweet??

Friday, December 28, 2012

Holidays are over!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with the fam!  We did at my house!  There were 10 of us here for dinner and lots of laughs.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ready for Christmas at my house!  Hope you are at yours as well.  Merry Christmas and Happy New year to my blogger friends.  Thanks for following and supporting my blog this year!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Re-covering dining room chairs

If you need to spiff up your dining room before christmas it is not too late.  I bought two yards of a beautiful upholstery fabric at a local store and did the chairs in a day or two.  All you need is a staple gun, staples and the fabric.  You don't have to use an upholstery weight fabric but it is usually a little heavier and more durable, particularly if you plan to have them on for awhile. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Choices in paint

I know I write a lot about Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  It is how I got turned on to this idea of recycling and restyling furniture.  I have always enjoyed taking something that did not look too great and making it look really good....on a budget! 

It is a challenge and I enjoy using my creative side!  Guess I am pretty much left brained...or not too much brained this time of year!!

My absolute favorite paint is Annie Sloan. I learned about it taking a class at Sea Rose Cottage in Bristol, Rhode Island over a year ago.  It is a beautiful little town on the water with lots of cute antique and gift shops.  About half an hour from Providence, RI.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Blog title

Hi all.  just finished this little cabinet. It is listed on my etsy shop!  I also wanted to let you know I have changed the name of my blog to Contendedpainter!  It will be found at or if you google ContendedPainter it should come up.  It is easier than the old name which had hyphens and I think describes my fondness for painting and creating!  Will update you with some more of what I have been working on around the house soon! 
The piece below I ended up painting in latex on the outside and Annie Sloan chalk paint in "Old White" on the inside.  Great for a bathroom or mudroom! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

getting close to being done!

Well, I saw this little cabinet at auction and really liked it. Vintage and I love the glass knob. It is painted in Latex on the outside and Annie Sloan chalk paint in "old white" on the inside.   I LOVE Annie Sloan chalk paint and have been using it exclusively but I had some "bleed" from the dark colored wood right through two coats of Annie Sloan paint and i was getting frustrated. so I used some clear shellac on it to prevent further bleed and bought some latex paint and primer in one. It did the trick. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Sometimes when I am a little overwhelmed it is good for me to sit and blog a bit! I know this time of year is crazy for most people and I have decided I am making it unnecessarily so! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas mantel

I think this year's Christmas mantel is done.  I collected five vintage brass candlesticks.  I primed them and then sprayed them with Rustoleum Glitter paint.  I was glad I primed them as there were a couple of little spots where I missed the brass with the primer and the spray paint did not adhere.

I ike the way they came out!

I then bought five red candles, $1.00 a piece at A.C. Moore and the little tree for $5.00 there as well.

My blogger friend Danielle from Finding Silver Pennies made the lovely red and white rag garland.  She sells them on her Etsy shop.  I love that it is a little countryish but adds pretty red color to the mantel.  The Pine cone is from Homegoods, one of a kind for the store I was in!! Love the hunting through the shelves for that one piece that finishes a look!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas memories...

Here are three little Christmas decorations that bring back fond memories...  The little Miss Piggy one I think my friend Lori gave me.  She was a college roomate and is a dear friend.  I dressed up as Miss Piggy (quite well I might add!) for a college Halloween party at our apartment.  She loved it and gave me this as a reminder! I wore a boa and made my Miss Piggy Nose out of a dixie cup covered with pink silly putty and put two little holes in the cup!!!
 This next one, the little duck, one of my best friends, Bob, in high school gave me.  I have it ALL these years later....ok, so it is not really that many!!

The next one one of my dear boys made me.  Not sure which boy and there are lots of others they made on my tree. I don't do a fancy tree, I do a tree that has lots of memories and lots of handmade, and yes, occasionally partially broken ornaments.  Love em all!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Working on my christmas decorating early this year and really having some fun.  I found a little box of 30 "tiny" LED lights (battery operated) I have put on my mantel.  Found them at Walmart!  Good old Walmart-never know what you will find there....! 
Here's a little peak at the mantel...