Friday, December 21, 2012

Re-covering dining room chairs

If you need to spiff up your dining room before christmas it is not too late.  I bought two yards of a beautiful upholstery fabric at a local store and did the chairs in a day or two.  All you need is a staple gun, staples and the fabric.  You don't have to use an upholstery weight fabric but it is usually a little heavier and more durable, particularly if you plan to have them on for awhile. 
My rug is an old oriental owned by my grandfather. I love it.  It has a lot of a rosey red in it and i found some of that in the new chair fabric.  It also has blue in it and my window treatments are a blue toile.  So I covered right over the existing seat cushions which overlays a layer of batting.  It gives a little extra cushioning to do it over the existing fabric.  (The last time I recovered them I got rid of the original old layer of fabric that was very thinned and a little dirty looking!).

Here's the new chair covers.  The design is a little different from the classic style I usual go with but I think they work.  Just cut the fabric as you go around the chair to staple it on.  you don't want lots of extra fabric inside the chair as it can give a bulkier look to the seat and it may not screw on to the frame of the chair as well.  Be careful at the corners though not to cut away too much fabric.  The corners are probably the trickiest part! 

The blue toile my window treatments are made of. 
In case I do not blog over the weekend, I am wishing all of you a very happy holiday!  Elaine

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