Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas memories...

Here are three little Christmas decorations that bring back fond memories...  The little Miss Piggy one I think my friend Lori gave me.  She was a college roomate and is a dear friend.  I dressed up as Miss Piggy (quite well I might add!) for a college Halloween party at our apartment.  She loved it and gave me this as a reminder! I wore a boa and made my Miss Piggy Nose out of a dixie cup covered with pink silly putty and put two little holes in the cup!!!
 This next one, the little duck, one of my best friends, Bob, in high school gave me.  I have it ALL these years later....ok, so it is not really that many!!

The next one one of my dear boys made me.  Not sure which boy and there are lots of others they made on my tree. I don't do a fancy tree, I do a tree that has lots of memories and lots of handmade, and yes, occasionally partially broken ornaments.  Love em all!


  1. Christmas ornaments are like memories in a bin. So, so special.