Saturday, December 8, 2012


Sometimes when I am a little overwhelmed it is good for me to sit and blog a bit! I know this time of year is crazy for most people and I have decided I am making it unnecessarily so! 

So I am working part time jobs    Christmas  shopping, decorating for Christmas, baking, and add to that, painting furniture, buying fabric to re-cover dining room chairs and then trying re-cover them myself, etc etc!  Sound familiar. 

I think sometimes we all try to be too perfect and make everything "just right" for the holidays.

As a result I am feeling like nothing I am working on is coming out quite the way I want it to.  Take for example this cabinet!  I saw it at Auction and loved it.  I really wanted to take it home and paint it.  Well, after three different colors, none of which I am happy with, I have decided to put it away for awhile with some other projects until I feel like painting.  Sometimes you just have to take a break! 

need to pick a color-ANY SUGGESTIONS???

All these little fellas are just going to need to wait:

needs clear wax!
needs re-upholstery!

                                                primed for my son's apartment, not painted...
                                                mostly done...needs an electrician to hang.
                                             think i am going to pay someone to do these for me!

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  1. I was feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed last week. Went Christmas shopping and did some yoga this morning and now feel I can conquer the world again! Hope you get all your projects done!