Tuesday, March 19, 2013

what's old is new again!

I bought this mirror at a thrift shop.  I loved it but it was old and tired looking.  With a little paint and a little more effort than i originally thought, it looks good!

It is a big mirror and rather heavy. I think it is about 36 tall by 42 wide.  Mirrors are hard to photograph well! 
I put on one coat of Annie Sloan "Napoleon Blue". It is a pretty blue and then I did a colorwash of paris grey over it. I mixed the paris grey with water, probably two parts paint to one part water.  you can just play with the mixture a little bit. 

 It looked a little too milky for me so i took some clear wax and put it all over the wood and rubbed a lot of the paris grey off.  I really like how the blue shows through more now but it is muted by the paris grey.  I also gave it a light distressing to make it look more vintage/antique.  I used a 220 fine grain sandpaper. 
 I think it has found a new home-someone coming by today to take a look! 

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  1. I love this mirror! The color and finish is lovely! x