Sunday, March 24, 2013

You've gotta see this!

I went to my favorite thrift shop yesterday and found a beautiful old chair.  The problem is the springs are bent and when you sit in it it kind of gives way in the middle.  I was hoping to fix it up myself but not sure...

Isn't it the coolest??!  Someone said it may have been an old telephone chair, not sure but I will try to find out! 

It was so well put together.  It had so many upholstery nails placed very close together to adhere the fabric to the chair.  Then under that it had staples and then under the fabric it had nails holding the padding on the the frame.  a little sweat getting it off but no tears! 

Upholstery nails were flying around the room! 

The padding was horsehair and burlap and hay believe it or not!! Very well done.  I guess they did not make foam padding back in the day....just head out to the barn and give your horse a tail cut!!!!

I have it stripped all the way down to the springs and it looks like with some work the springs could be re-worked and re-anchored to support the chair.

Will keep you posted on it's progress,  even if I don't do all the work myself. 

Going to look for a cool fabric soon. 

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