Friday, September 28, 2012

Crazy for Halloween!

I am crazy for Halloween!  I think I like it so much because it is the one holiday that is just about fun!  No gifts, no obligations, just costumes and trick or treating! 

I also like it because it is or can be all about creativity, dreaming up that unique costume or party.  I love decorating for halloween and started early this year. It is not October yet and I am on a roll!

I pick up a little something new each year but try to keep it tasteful!

my favorite decoration is one done by my boys when they were small !

a little witch from christmas tree shops!

pumpkin scented candle

a little tea light witch in the kitchen...

my favorite by far are witches....and i used to be one....more on that later!!!!

We had for years a fourth grade teacher who lived next door and in the woods behind our house, his house and another neighbors he would have a spook trail for his fourth grade classroom.  It was great!  All the neighbors put so much time and effort into it and the night of the party all his fourth graders would carve a pumpkin.
The adults would run them to the trail, put a candle in them and the whole trail would be lit up with beautiful pumpkins! So great!  Each year I dressed as a scary witch and yes, sometimes I did scare the little siblings on the trail.....the fourth graders maybe not so much!

Enjoy your holiday this year... Do something creative!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have to say over time I have become a real believer in what is now commonly called "up-cycling".  It's not really the same as re-cycling because that denotes throwing something out and then it is made into something else.  "Up-cycling" is taking something that some might throw out and making it into something better.   As I get older (!) I am becoming more and more "green".  you know, save the planet and all that stuff!  I make light of it here but actually I am quite serious about it.  Not a fanatic but do think Global warming or what the politically correct call "climate change" is real!!!
So, if i can do my part to "up-cycle" furniture instead of buying new, why not?  And I can be creative in the process.  Something I truly enjoy! 
So, here is my next piece.  Nothing I am probably going to keep for myself but I am excited to work on it just the same.  Found it at a thrift store for $20.  Some of the hardware is broken.  All but one piece is missing the little ring that goes to each pull.  However, my thought is to use little pieces of knotted gros-grain ribbon as a subsitute for the pull. I think it will look good.  If not I can always put on some different hardware.  Now that I may buy new!! Unless I can find some used hardware on e-bay!!!  
an old "Bombay Company" bedside table

some broken hardware!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New camera

I finally have my new camera.  It has a 35x zoom lens so i practiced the other day taking pics of this hanging flower pot on my porch.  I got in as close as possible!  fun to practice.  So, no new furniture today. I am winding down my last few pieces for myself and may take a little break!  Congrats to my friends over at Vintage Thymes Monthly Market   ( ) who just opened their new space on Endicott street!  Great place for vintage goods and flea market finds! 
Have a great Sunday all! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drum roll please!!!

 I think I am finished with my drum table! Ended up not distressing it much at all.  Well, actually I did distress it quite a bit and decided I did not love it so with remaining (very tiny amount) of paint left, I un-distressed it! Yup, just painted right over the dark blue spots that looked too heavily done. I used some "Rub n" Buff" I bought at the craft store to highlight all the hardware.  I am very happy with the way it came out.  P.S finally have a new camera and I love that too! Very excited to take better pics. 

 Enjoy your day all! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Loving this little drum table!

I had been wanting a drum table for some time when I found this one at a thrift shop for $20!  It was an old "Bombay Company" drum table.  It could have been used as is but I knew it needed some life to it! 
So I have done my second coat in Annie Sloan color "Paris Grey".  I now need to clear wax it, maybe a little dark wax and then distress it ....I am thinking heavily distressed but we will see as I go along! 

I am going to sand it first with 220 grit sandpaper as I want it to have a smooth finish....i prefer that to a textured look on most pieces.   I like to distress after I have given the piece a coat of clear wax.  I like the way it distresses though some people prefer distressing before giving it a coat of wax...your call!  Try it both ways and see which you prefer.

I did not paint the little brass feet.  Not sure but thinking of doing them in a gold....

Here she is!  I will update you when next stage is complete! 

You will notice some wet paint....just a few last minute touch ups before the clear wax!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Painting Sunday

I decided to work on some more projects on this lazy sunday!  finishing the inside of the kitchen chandelier in ASCP "Paris Grey".  Finished second coat on floor lamp and now have painted undercoat on drum table I am loving in a mixture of ASCP in "Aubusson Blue" and "Old White".  I am doing a coat of straight "Aubusson blue" around edges of table and on legs as I plan to more heavily distress those areas and want a darker color.
The sofa table that will go in basement near the drum table is the light blue color combination and I am not a matchy-matchy type of person.  You would never catch me with matching bedside tables or lamps!!

OOps. almost forgot to take a pic of the table pre-paint. Can't seem to get that procedure down pat!! It is always fun to see the before and after of painted furniture. 

Ok, all.  Have a great Sunday.  We are back to work tommorow after a week off.  Now to go paint(dye) my hair!

drum table in the works!

mixure of ASCP "Aubusson blue" and "Old White" for undercoat color!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

a few new items but still needing a new camera!

Ok, so I have been working on some of my own items.  I have several things in the pipeline I am wanting to finish.  We are updating our finished basement and most of the items I am working on are for that space.

Will take some pics.  I don't always remember to take the before shots but I always have the "after"! 

I have not posted a blog post recently for two is I am frustrated (did I say very frustrated??!) with not knowing how to do some things on my blog that I would like to do?  Cannot say I am super tech savy!  I try but must admit I do get frustrated. 

If anyone knows of anyone who can help me please let me know.  I need a good hour of face to face time with someone more experienced than I! 

Also, I bought a new "point and shoot" camera but it was not what I hoped for so I have a better version on it's way.  On the recommendation of two friends I purchased a Cannon SX40.  I think I am going to like it.  It is a "point and shoot" but has a lot of features a DSLR would have.  Cannot wait til it arrives from!!

So, what I have been working on is finishing the sofa table in one of my recent blog posts.  Finally done.  Will post pic with new camera to do it justice!  Happy with it now. 

Sometimes I do change my plan for a piece of furniture as I work with it and this one was a case in point.  Will update you on that later....!

I am working on two lights now.  One is for my finished basement and the other for over my kitchen table.   The floor lamp my son bought at college at a yard sale and it was brass and rusty and beat up looking with a shade two sizes too small.  I threw away the shade and bought one today at Target on "Clearance".  My favorite section of the store.  $9.00 and good to go!

The hanging light I bought at a consignment store.  Not sure of it's origin but it is quite different.  Made of metal and ready to be painted with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in "Graphite" on the outside and "Paris Grey" on the inside.  It is not done but first coat is done. 

Ok, so not the greatest pics but you get the idea.  I do need to start "staging" my pics but without a good camera I am not motivated! I know, excuses, excuses!  Anyway.  let me know if you have questions or comments.

"Graphite" lamp in progress for over kitchen table

Target lampshade with black ribbon at top and bottom