Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have to say over time I have become a real believer in what is now commonly called "up-cycling".  It's not really the same as re-cycling because that denotes throwing something out and then it is made into something else.  "Up-cycling" is taking something that some might throw out and making it into something better.   As I get older (!) I am becoming more and more "green".  you know, save the planet and all that stuff!  I make light of it here but actually I am quite serious about it.  Not a fanatic but do think Global warming or what the politically correct call "climate change" is real!!!
So, if i can do my part to "up-cycle" furniture instead of buying new, why not?  And I can be creative in the process.  Something I truly enjoy! 
So, here is my next piece.  Nothing I am probably going to keep for myself but I am excited to work on it just the same.  Found it at a thrift store for $20.  Some of the hardware is broken.  All but one piece is missing the little ring that goes to each pull.  However, my thought is to use little pieces of knotted gros-grain ribbon as a subsitute for the pull. I think it will look good.  If not I can always put on some different hardware.  Now that I may buy new!! Unless I can find some used hardware on e-bay!!!  
an old "Bombay Company" bedside table

some broken hardware!