Saturday, September 8, 2012

a few new items but still needing a new camera!

Ok, so I have been working on some of my own items.  I have several things in the pipeline I am wanting to finish.  We are updating our finished basement and most of the items I am working on are for that space.

Will take some pics.  I don't always remember to take the before shots but I always have the "after"! 

I have not posted a blog post recently for two is I am frustrated (did I say very frustrated??!) with not knowing how to do some things on my blog that I would like to do?  Cannot say I am super tech savy!  I try but must admit I do get frustrated. 

If anyone knows of anyone who can help me please let me know.  I need a good hour of face to face time with someone more experienced than I! 

Also, I bought a new "point and shoot" camera but it was not what I hoped for so I have a better version on it's way.  On the recommendation of two friends I purchased a Cannon SX40.  I think I am going to like it.  It is a "point and shoot" but has a lot of features a DSLR would have.  Cannot wait til it arrives from!!

So, what I have been working on is finishing the sofa table in one of my recent blog posts.  Finally done.  Will post pic with new camera to do it justice!  Happy with it now. 

Sometimes I do change my plan for a piece of furniture as I work with it and this one was a case in point.  Will update you on that later....!

I am working on two lights now.  One is for my finished basement and the other for over my kitchen table.   The floor lamp my son bought at college at a yard sale and it was brass and rusty and beat up looking with a shade two sizes too small.  I threw away the shade and bought one today at Target on "Clearance".  My favorite section of the store.  $9.00 and good to go!

The hanging light I bought at a consignment store.  Not sure of it's origin but it is quite different.  Made of metal and ready to be painted with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in "Graphite" on the outside and "Paris Grey" on the inside.  It is not done but first coat is done. 

Ok, so not the greatest pics but you get the idea.  I do need to start "staging" my pics but without a good camera I am not motivated! I know, excuses, excuses!  Anyway.  let me know if you have questions or comments.

"Graphite" lamp in progress for over kitchen table

Target lampshade with black ribbon at top and bottom