Friday, September 28, 2012

Crazy for Halloween!

I am crazy for Halloween!  I think I like it so much because it is the one holiday that is just about fun!  No gifts, no obligations, just costumes and trick or treating! 

I also like it because it is or can be all about creativity, dreaming up that unique costume or party.  I love decorating for halloween and started early this year. It is not October yet and I am on a roll!

I pick up a little something new each year but try to keep it tasteful!

my favorite decoration is one done by my boys when they were small !

a little witch from christmas tree shops!

pumpkin scented candle

a little tea light witch in the kitchen...

my favorite by far are witches....and i used to be one....more on that later!!!!

We had for years a fourth grade teacher who lived next door and in the woods behind our house, his house and another neighbors he would have a spook trail for his fourth grade classroom.  It was great!  All the neighbors put so much time and effort into it and the night of the party all his fourth graders would carve a pumpkin.
The adults would run them to the trail, put a candle in them and the whole trail would be lit up with beautiful pumpkins! So great!  Each year I dressed as a scary witch and yes, sometimes I did scare the little siblings on the trail.....the fourth graders maybe not so much!

Enjoy your holiday this year... Do something creative!