Thursday, July 26, 2012

new to blogging....obviously!

Hello all,  My son told me today that i am posting everything I write in the "title" area....hmmm,  I had been wondering why it looked the way it did!  so, hope this one is right!  He just laughs at me when i ask him technical questions.  Though I guess that one was not so technical!!!

I have been working on painting, waxing and then dark waxing my dining room buffet.  I was very nervous to use the dark wax but i think all in all it came out well.  As instructed by Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage, I applied a thin coat of clear wax before I applied the dark wax.  I also mixed the dark wax with some mineral spirits (a 75/25 ratio I would say) and that helped to apply the dark wax easily and smoothly.

I did find I needed to wipe the dark wax off with a soft cloth rather quickly or it would dry on the piece too heavily.
Each piece I work on I learn something new so even though I feel I still have a lot I could learn, I have come quite a ways since my initial "beginners" class at Sea Rose Cottage.  Thanks to Nancy and also to Danielle at "Finding Silver Pennies" for their helpful tips!

Monday, July 23, 2012

i have been busy painting, waxing furniture and posting pics. this little cabinet is perfect for a beach house. all little drawers are numbered! will put on my etsy site soon and will post a link to etsy!

a little bench i updated with a fleur de lis on an orange burlap material

the before pics....these were pretty but needed a little oomph!

these chairs were painted in annie sloan chalk paint. a mixture of "old white" and "aubusson blue". i recovered the seats in a black and the way they turned out.

Paint by hand: Getting started

Paint by hand: Getting started

Getting started

Ok, so this is my first blog!  I am very excited to share with you!  I love to write and decided to share my thoughts on decorating, painting, time managing, and in all ways being creative!

I am currently working only part time which i am not really thrilled about!  I miss the higher income bracket!  however, it has given me the luxury to tap into my creative side and i am keeping very busy and am not out at the stores spending money on things i don't need.

I would say i am creative by nature but i would not say i have the unlimited imagination of some decorators, furniture painters i so envy. however, it is a passion so i thought i might share it with you. 

i am of the opinion that everyone is or can be artistic. it is just a matter of tapping into that side of you.  kind of like everyone having good instincts though we don't always listen to that inner voice!  we should!