Monday, September 9, 2013

My sister picked out this bureau for her daughter's bedroom and asked me to paint it. They wanted red.  I had planned to re-stain the top a darker color as well as all the space between the drawers.  HOWEVER, the stain and I did not get along!

I did buy a palm sander but I do not think I got off all the existing stain so when I stained over it it left some very dark areas and did not look good at all.  I planned to paint sides and drawers in "Emperor's silk" chalk paint and then clear and dark wax it. 

Well, I will tell you I had a whole can of "Versaille" paint color in my basement and it needed to be used.  I had to give some thought to how to make the bureau more interesting as it really just is very plain. 

I usually try to pick out older pieces with some decoration and more interest.  SO, if you don't have interest you have to create some!

I thought she spent to much on it so I did not want to buy paint but rather to use what I had on the shelves.  Well, I had plenty of "Versaille" green chalk paint and some old white.  so here it goes:

 Sorry for the lack of good staging!  it is in the garage and after a few attempts I quit!! it is versaille green, clear and dark waxed and has doubled up jute twine pulls.  drawers are lined with craft paper.  this is not for a "girlie girl" so I think it will work!