Thursday, January 31, 2013

a very cool find!

I found this large wooden mirror at a thrift store. It is ready to be painted. I am not sure what color(s) yet but probably two colors and then distressed to show the first color through the one on top.  If anyone is in need of a mirror let me know.  I can do custom colors.  If not i will put on my etsy shop for local pick-up only. Too large and heavy to ship!  

It is a large mirror-appoximately 31 inches wide by 43 inches tall.  Solid wood! 

I always look for things with "good bones"!  If there is a little damage i can fix i am up for the challenge. This one is in perfect condition. just a little adhesive on the mirror-"goo gone" will do the trick.   
any suggestions on colors?  feel free to comment below! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

pretty sure I am in love!

 I picked up this little treasure this morning at a thrift shop.  I love it! The details of it are gorgeous.  


While it does have some cracked veneer and a little missing piece of decorative wood on the side, with some minor repairs and then some paint and some clear and probably dark wax, it will I hope be the beauty it once was in it's day.

Not for the faint of heart!

Ok folks.  I am 98 percent done with my office chair re-upholstery.  Let me say this. I am glad I tried it!  I love a challenge, it came out quite well. 

Let me also say this: I am my own worst critic!  I often see all the little things I could have done differently but all in all it looks good and I will tweak a few more things. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Now I know why upholstery work is pricey!

I decided on this beautiful orange and cream upholstery fabric to re-do the fabric on this antique oak office chair.  I can use the fabric on either side but prefer the brighter orange dominant side on this orangey toned red oak chair. 

Monday, January 14, 2013


Have you ever had a room you were just really tired of looking at?  I chose red sofas (loveseats) a couple of years ago. I thought they were great, and they are!  However,I get tired of things easily and  now I wish I had neutral sofas with pops of color in the pillows and other accessories. 

When I am ready to get new furniture for my finished basement (hope the hubby is not reading this!) I will put the red ones there and get some neutral Ikea Ektorp loveseats and/or chairs for the family room.  They are classic in their lines and actually very comfortable,  quite affordable too!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Working on those pieces for my sister's mantel.....heavier on the paint on the bottom of the first one than what i planned but hoping they will end up the way i want them! Will keep you posted!  Decided on Annie Sloan "old white" (my favorite) and  "Versaille". 

I often start a project on a whim, I dive right into it and then think after the fact, "why didn't i try such and such"! oh well, in the end usually all is well...not always! I do like a challenge. 

Next on the chopping block (!) re-doing seat and back upholstery on an office chair.  I have some great fabric picked out.  Going to my favorite fabric store, Franklin Mill Store today to pick it up.
Below are some of the great sample fabric swatches I picked up yesterday at the Mill Store. I always bring them home and put them on the piece I am working on to see what I like.
Can you guess which one I choose to go on an antique oak framed office chair?
Love all these little beauties~!
I guess you will just have to stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wickford digs!


Found a few small vintage or vintage looking items at the many consignment stores in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

  There are probably four or five good consignment stores there as well as the cute shops in Wickford.  You can check out RE, The Pink Chair, Betty's Consignment, Corner
Cupboard and The Flying Pig. (
Not all these stores have websites so I did not post links to them!). 

Here are a few of my finds:

Hand painted....could be a nice Thanksgiving table centerpiece beginning!
going on a little white shelf i have in kitchen hallway!

And these I thought I would paint with some Annie Sloan Chalk paint for my sister's mantel. Right now she just has a pretty picture of the ocean with a sailboat in it.
  Any ideas on ASCP colors for this to go with the blues and greens and maybe a little red in the picture. The mantel is off white!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vintage shopping in Wickford, Rhode Island

What fun my little sis and I had this past saturday shopping in Wickford. Wickford is an extremely quaint little shopping village which is part of North Kingston, Rhode Island. About one half hour south of Providence. It is very eclectic shops, vintage, antique, gifts, home decor and restaurants. It is right on the water!
I bought lots of little things which I will show you soon. If you have never made a trip to this little village and you are local, you must! In the summer they have "Wickford days". lots of artisans line the streets for a weekend faire. Great photography, arts and crafts. It is really a pretty place any time of the year!

One store I really liked was Eclectic bungalow.  I did not get a chance to ask the owner but she had some beautiful painted furniture that looked as though it were Annie Sloan chalk painted furniture.  Check it out for yourself!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Small Treats

I had to borrow this quote from a fellow blogger maria killiam over at colour me happy.  I live by this!  For the new year it is something great to think about.  we can all go through life and i suppose sometimes it seems a bit mundane! so treat yourself to little treats along the way!