Monday, January 14, 2013


Have you ever had a room you were just really tired of looking at?  I chose red sofas (loveseats) a couple of years ago. I thought they were great, and they are!  However,I get tired of things easily and  now I wish I had neutral sofas with pops of color in the pillows and other accessories. 

When I am ready to get new furniture for my finished basement (hope the hubby is not reading this!) I will put the red ones there and get some neutral Ikea Ektorp loveseats and/or chairs for the family room.  They are classic in their lines and actually very comfortable,  quite affordable too!

So, in the meantime, also a bit tired of the rug and it has a stain in front of where everyone sits from there feet on the light colored rug! we don't have a no shoes policy in our house. we are pretty casual.

In this month's Yankee magazine , I read an article about reclaimed flooring and other salvaged materials out of older homes. I contacted Urban Minersin Hamden, Connecticut about red oak flooring.


 It seems they just took some beautiful red oak out of a 1925 home and they sent me some samples.  I think they look pretty great and am waiting for my carpenter to take a look at them.  He said he has not worked with reclaimed wood but has heard good things about it.

  I'm game!  We have red oak in most of the other rooms in the house and I think it would look great in this room.  I like the idea that it is reclaimed and "green".  My son says there are millions of trees in the Amazon but I would just as soon leave them be!!

I think a wood floor opens a room up, makes it look bigger and brighter.  I usually have the installer use the high gloss polyurethane to finish the floors.  It always looks like the floors are squeaky clean-even when they are not! 

Now of course I will consider an area rug for the warmth/cushioning but it is not a given!  Time will tell!

While some wall to wall can be quite pretty, I think I see a lot more wood flooring and to me, it is a little more modern, except maybe in the bedrooms.

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