Monday, September 10, 2012

Loving this little drum table!

I had been wanting a drum table for some time when I found this one at a thrift shop for $20!  It was an old "Bombay Company" drum table.  It could have been used as is but I knew it needed some life to it! 
So I have done my second coat in Annie Sloan color "Paris Grey".  I now need to clear wax it, maybe a little dark wax and then distress it ....I am thinking heavily distressed but we will see as I go along! 

I am going to sand it first with 220 grit sandpaper as I want it to have a smooth finish....i prefer that to a textured look on most pieces.   I like to distress after I have given the piece a coat of clear wax.  I like the way it distresses though some people prefer distressing before giving it a coat of wax...your call!  Try it both ways and see which you prefer.

I did not paint the little brass feet.  Not sure but thinking of doing them in a gold....

Here she is!  I will update you when next stage is complete! 

You will notice some wet paint....just a few last minute touch ups before the clear wax!