Thursday, March 21, 2013

a couple of good finds!

I don't always find exciting things on Craiglsit.  I feel like it used to be better but it is fun to browse.  So, it was to my delight when I recently found this item:

It is rather large for a bedside table but it is great.  I like to do the unexpected and never do matchy-matchy pairs of things.  Or very rarely anyway!

Look at those legs!  Ain't she a beauty.  I cannot wait to give her a make-over.  I like the color now a lot but it does not fit into my son's room which is getting a make-over. He has grown up and as they say, flown the coop!  To make myself feel better about that I need to spice things up in there. 

Not 100 % sure yet what I am going to do in there but I know I will have fun doing it. 

I also just found an antique settee on Craigslist.  I hope I am the first to inquire about it.  It needs re-upholstery but I can handle that I think and it is a steal! 

So, will update you when I know better what direction I am heading in! 

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