Thursday, December 13, 2012

getting close to being done!

Well, I saw this little cabinet at auction and really liked it. Vintage and I love the glass knob. It is painted in Latex on the outside and Annie Sloan chalk paint in "old white" on the inside.   I LOVE Annie Sloan chalk paint and have been using it exclusively but I had some "bleed" from the dark colored wood right through two coats of Annie Sloan paint and i was getting frustrated. so I used some clear shellac on it to prevent further bleed and bought some latex paint and primer in one. It did the trick. 

So,  I am in the process of painting the inside. It looks so much better to do in and out but obviously is more time consuming. If I had some cool coordinating wall paper I might have used that instead but I did not! 

I plan to post this one on Craigslist and have some of my items at a great monthly market in Norwood called Vintage Thymes.  It is a great place in an old mill building on Endicott Street. 
Check out their website for what weekend each month they are open. Lots of other vintage shops there as well.  Really fun way to spend an afternoon!

Will post another pic when it is complete!