Saturday, August 25, 2012

milk paint

I am dying to try my first little "bag" of milk paint.  i could not wait any longer for "miss mustard seed's paint line to come out so i purchased one from a local store. it is the homestead line that is actually featuring the "miss mustard seed's line of milk paint.  Her's should be out very soon. i think her marketing endeavor snowballed in a good way.  she is having more business than she even dreamed. i think it is a nice problem to have but as she put in her recent blog, for the sake of her family and her health, she is learning to say no!  not an easy task. we women should all take a lesson...!

so, i am working on my sofa table still. busy, busy summer and i have only worked on it here and there.  i painted it in old white, really liked it,  as it showcased all the pretty lines.  my initial plan for it was to mix 50/50 old white and Abusson blue (ASCP) and paint over the old white and then distress it heavily to see a lot of the old white come through. i did a colorwash of the blue on the top.  it looks like watercolor and you can see a lot of the old white through it.  i like it but not sure yet if it is a keeper that way!  sometimes i stop working on a piece and go back to it later with a "fresh eye" to see what needs to be done. 

taking my youngest back to college today so it needs to have a little time alone!! not sure if i like her better white anyway! will have to move to newly painted basement where she is going as a tv/storage table with baskets underneath to see if it's better blue or white in the room. the room is dark and walls are now a gray-ish blue so the walls may talk and tell me! i am all about the pieces telling ME what they need!  will post pics of the blue table later. you can tell me what you think is best! 

Have a good weekend all!



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