Monday, August 6, 2012

Dining Room Buffet-almost there...!

I have been working on my dining room buffet on and off for probably several weeks. One thing came up after another and finally it is almost done!  My dear husband put the new pewter hardware on for me this weekend and took out the drawers so i can finish dark waxing the little wooden pieces between drawers and cabinets.  Then I will just enjoy it!

It came out well i think. It is a mixture of "Annie Sloan" "Aubusson Blue" and "Old White".  i really love the old white and i do like the "Aubusson Blue" as well. I have not yet tried the the ever so popular "Duck Egg Blue" as i felt so many people use it but now I want to try it.  It really is a beautiful soft blue and very versatile I think.  I do like trying new and different things but sometimes the tried and true can be cool too!!!

I have several more projects to work on.  Two are for me and one to sell.  I only have one little cabinet on my Etsy shop, "Paint by hand" so i think i need to get busy...too bad life gets in the way of painting sometimes!


  1. Elaine, I love the buffet. I haven't tried the Aubusson yet. I think you'll love the Duck Egg. It is my favorite.

  2. Thank you Danielle. It is so fun and each piece I do I learn something new!