Sunday, April 14, 2013

custom piece

Did a little shopping this weekend and found this cool bureau for my son's girlfriend.  She is moving into a new apartment and needs a new bureau.  The "bones" of this one are awesome but the wood is pretty marked up and again a little veneer missing.

Got my wood glue out and bought a wood clamp at the hardware store to clamp the glued veneer piece to the bureau. worked like a charm!  Then used the wood filler to fill some small gouges. 

We cleaned it thoroughly inside and out with mineral spirits and a rag and then with some de-natured alchohol. 

We gave it two coats of shellac in case the dark wood decided it wanted to bleed through the paint. 

Christie chose the "Paris Grey" Annie Sloan chalk paint.  We talked about perhaps highlighting the piece with some "old white" or now i am thinking perhaps some "napoleonic blue". 

The "Paris Grey" looks quite light to me right now so I am thinking the blue might be best. 

I am undecided as of yet, she said she will trust my taste!
Will update you later when i have some more work done on the piece. 

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