Tuesday, April 9, 2013

small things

I dare say small things make me happy!  I have been busy working on my own projects and one custom table.  My son has a small white mirror that did not look good on his walls. i painted it a solid ASCP "Napoleonic Blue" today and it is quite the sharp color!  will look great on his "ice blue" walls. 

 I have also been doing some spring cleaning out and have a small pile of things to take to local consignment. 

 I painted the table in "antibes green", love that color.  as spring approaches my color choices i find are much bolder.  I found the green rush seat chair at a thrift store, i love it but the spot i bought it for is not working so out it goes!! I really don't hang on to things.  The frame to the right of the chair is an awesome solid wood frame-will show it again below. 

Someone could put a pic in it or hang on wall as is. 

My next project at home are a bedside table in my son's room and a mirror for the guest room. will post soon! 


  1. I love your colorful painted furniture...especially the blue mirror!

    1. thanks ann. i am having fun. now on to my outdoor painting projects here! just did my front door and shed door and now on to deck and porch railings!!! got to earn my keep!

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