Sunday, October 21, 2012

My brother's farm!

What a great weekend we had!! My two sisters and I met at my house Saturday a.m. and drove to Alexandria, N.H.  This is the Newfound lakes Region and it is so beautiful and so much less touristy than the Winnapasauke Lake area. 
across the street from my brother's farm.  Bear Mountain in background!
My brother owns a large 20 acre organic farm.  He has a pig, two goats, three kittens, turkeys, rabbits, chickens and lots and lots of fresh produce including pumpkins, squash and gourds.  He also sells raw unprocessed goat milk, goat milk yogurt and eggs.  It is a lot of work, he has help but just spending the weekend there (usually a work weekend), I am exhausted. 

 We got out of most of the work this weekend as my dad had flown up to NH the previous friday and we got to visit with him.  We have not all been together for a loong time so it was really a treat!! Hope you all had a fun weekend as well!


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