Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated my husband's  #*)& birthday.  He never gives out his age or let's me do so! Not sure why as he looks 10 years younger than he is but boys will be boys!  We had both my boys come home and one of the sweet girlfriend's.  Sadly, the other girlfriend had to work!  My mother in law came as well.  A small party but fun just the same. 

I cooked a good part of the day Friday.  My family likes Southern style food or BBQ so I made a pulled pork with potato rolls, homemade cole slaw, BBQ'd chicken, greens, corn bread and dessert.  I am enjoying cooking lately and thought it would taste better homemade than ordering from a local barbecue! Lots of leftovers to send home with people so all went well!

Soon, I need to do some more furniture painting! Still have not done that "Bombay Company" bedside table-it sits in my garage looking lonely and needing attention!  More on that soon I hope! 
Corn bread made from scratch with buttermilk!~

buttermilk banana cake that I finished with a cream cheese frosting-a HUGE hit!

ready to party!